Wireless parking sensor infrastructure with 10X the performance. Wireless vehicle detection sensors with 10Х the accuracy.
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Welcome to IOT world of smart parking where individual monitoring of each parking space allows entire parking assets to be managed to their peak efficiency and use.

Interall IoT provides a smart parking

management system that detects and reports individual spot availability and identifies drivers of the parked vehicles.

This data can be shared with popular or

or custom navigation apps for way-finding to available spaces to reduce parking stress, traffic congestion, air and noise pollution.

Welcome to Interall IoT world


Interall IoT is a sensor and data supplier to Smart Parking solution companies so they can bring breakthrough solutions to their customer base.


Interall IoT wayfinding technology integrated into mobile apps and optional digital signage helps drivers easily find parking. Optimize your university or college campus parking assets by detecting underused parking areas and directing traffic to them. Help your students and staff avoid the frustration of searching for a space in a full lot.


Optimize traffic flow and reduce congestion by directing drivers to specific vacant parking spaces. Ease parking frustration, reduce air and noise pollution, enhancing the livability of your community. Provide way-finding to available parking, enable frictionless mobile payments, detect overstay and unauthorized parking in real-time. Create a better overall experience for your customers while generating more revenue, providing parking asset management and getting actionable data for strategic parking planning.


Speed your employees to their job. Guide them to a vacant parking space with real-time occupancy data displayed in apps and optional digital signage ending the hunt for parking drudgery. This lets them focus on what’s really important – doing their job. Our data also enables accurate enforcement of carpooling, VIP, EV, visitor and handicap parking spaces.



Interall IoT wireless parking occupancy sensor is key to our groundbreaking solution that solves many parking problems.

Boasting a 10 year battery life and a 10 mile (LOS) communication range our industry leading sensors are easily installed at each parking space with no wiring requirements. The data generated by the network of sensors is gathered by a single gateway and passed through Interall IoT cloud IoT platform.  Mobile and Web applications access occupancy and secure driver identification data in our platform via simple API’s.



The intelligence generated by Interall IoT vehicle detection sensors has more uses than just available parking space notification and overstay detection.

When accumulated over time, a smart parking company can use the data to see what spaces are historically under or over utilized and allows effective decision-making for optimizing parking in those areas. Smart parking technology companies us the data to help with long term strategic planning such as whether to build new parking, raise or lower meter rates on an hourly or daily basis or to eliminate parking in under used areas. Data can help solve the problem of traffic congestion in city centers, reduce air and noise pollution, generate revenue from underused spaces, and minimize driver frustration.

Interall IOT wireless IoT system can be integrated with various mobile applications


Our revolutionary smart parking technology is a real game changer, opening up a host of applications previously unavailable.

Thinnest surface mount sensor

Interall IoT parking sensors are only 20mm (¾”) in height

Super quick install

Interall IOT sensors take 30 seconds to install, compared to the industry’s average of 5–10 minutes

Highest detection accuracy

Up to 10 times the accuracy of other sensors. Our detection utilizes 3 MEMS sensors and complex statistical algorithms to deliver 99%+ accurate vehicle occupancy data

Flexible integration with mobile apps

Our cloud based data integrates seamlessly with the majority of parking guidance, mobile payment and management analytics apps with simple to use API’s

Robust and field proven solution

We have over 16,500 smart parking sensors sold to date

Secure Driver Identification

Unique dataset enabling automated access control and hands-free payments for every parking spot